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Work Visa

Engaging in commercial activity and residing in a foreign country often requires individuals to obtain the necessary work permit to certify their skills and the necessity for their hiring. Integra Group is a one-stop business service provider including work visas, business visas, and accompanying family visas.

As accountants and business advisors, we are naturally procedure oriented. We understand the minute details that go into government applications and foresee many of the complications that can delay a process. We ensure that work permit applications for entrepreneurs, business partners, and expatriate employees – and their families – are processed timely and without delay.

When handling work visa applications, we meticulously pre-screen all documents to avoid delays due to insufficient or ineligible documentation. And, our bi-lingual staff will accompany you when you are required to be present in person. Our client’s value professional support and a streamlined process when obtaining the necessary documentation necessary to onboard a new expatriate employee

Documentation required varies based on visa type and jurisdiction. Please contact us for more information regarding the necessary documents for your individual circumstances.

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