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New ID Card For Foreign Permanent Resident:What You Need to Know

The National Immigration Administration (NIA) of China announced that it would be releasing a new version of the foreign permanent resident ID card starting December 1, 2023.

China Extends Personal Income Tax Benefits for Expats Until 2027

China will extend preferential tax policies for foreign nationals working in the country until the end of 2027.

China Resumes Fast-Lane for Cross-Border Travel to Boost Economy and Tourism

China will once again implement fast-lane services for a range of travelers entering and exiting the mainland, with the goal of accelerating border inspections and simplifying travel across regions.

Chinese Visa

China Resumes Issuing Visas to Foreigners: What You Need to Know

After nearly two years of strict travel restrictions due to the pandemic, China has taken a significant step towards reopening its borders by resuming the issuance of visas for foreigners of all categories

outbound travel services in China

Foreign Investment in Outbound Travel Services in China

Foreign investment in outbound travel services in China is now in a pilot stage following significant easing of Chinese travel restrictions.

Fast Pass Application Center Pudong Shanghai

Fast Pass for Sending Money Outside of China

The Fast Pass provides a significantly faster and more convenient avenue to purchase and send foreign currencies out of China.

Policy Update: SMEs in China Eligible for Uncredited VAT Refund

SMEs and Enterprises in the manufacturing and other industries can claim a one-time uncredited VAT refund.

2021 Work Report Highlights: Tax Policies and Announcements

The Work Report is typically highlighted by major policy announcements and governmental priorities for the following year.

China’s Encouraged Catalogue and Negative Lists for Foreign Investment 2020

Changed to the Encouraged Catalogue and Negative Lists provide foreign investors greater market access going forward.

China’s New Measures on the Security Review of Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in sectors that affect or may affect national security are subject to new security review requirements.

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